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What's the Cost of Car Insurance in Alamo Heights?

We have been able to help several drivers in Alamo Heights TX locate the cheapest auto insurance rates thanks to the thousands of local quotes we have collected and analyzed. We determined that in Alamo Heights Texas, the annual rates had a difference of up to $565. Specifically, this means that the cheapest price was $1131 and the most expensive was $1696.

Several factors all come together to influence what your final insurance premium will be. Each one is valued differently and will therefore impact your final rates in either smaller ways or bigger ones. This is why shopping around and comparing a minimum of three or more insurers in your area of Alamo Heights is important in getting the cheapest car insurance rates.

Lowest Average Highest
$1131 $1320 $1696

Insurance Prices: Alamo Heights vs. National/State Averages

Alamo Heights has low-cost car insurance premiums that are below the state's average. It costs $225 less per year than Texas's average. While this may come as a relief, it isn't a reason to become complacent. Taking advantage of lower costs is still an important practice even in Alamo Heights. You can go over some of our tips below to improve your savings.

City Average State Average National Average
$1320 $1545 $1479

Alamo Heights TX Average Car Insurance Savings by Neighborhood

If you're thinking about moving then you may want to keep the following in mind. Changing zip codes can actually have a noticeable impact on your car insurance. We have looked at the cost of insurance in various neighborhoods of Alamo Heights to give you a sense of where you can find the lowest costs.

The difference was -$210 between the cheapest neighborhood in Alamo Heights TX with a rate of $1110 on average and a +$600 difference between the priciest area in Alamo Heights TX with an average price of $1920.

# Neighborhood Average Rate
  Alamo Heights $1320
1 Balcones Heights +$600
2 Leon Valley +$69
3 Kirby +$19
4 Converse -$5
5 Helotes -$8
6 Schertz -$210

Let's go over some ways to save on car insurance in Alamo Heights

Alamo Heights Car Insurance Rates by Gender and Marital Status

Your gender and your marital status are two of the several characteristics that have an influence on your car insurance rates in Alamo Heights. This is simply due to the fact that insurance is based off of liability and risk. People who are single and/or are male are considered bigger risk factors because they are the groups more likely to either get into accidents or commit felonies. As a result, being single can cost up to $73 more per year compared to being married, and being a man can typically cost up to $435 more per year in Alamo Heights TX as opposed to being a woman.

Alamo Heights Teenagers Car Insurance Rates

Younger and inexperienced drivers pay the most in car insurance rates by far, and Alamo Heights TX is no exception to that rule. Due to the risk associated with drivers lacking experience, teenagers tend to pay $2745 a year for insurance on average. This is far higher than the state average of $1545, and $1425 higher than Alamo Heights' average. When gender is taken into account the difference between male and female teens in Alamo Heights TX is $488.

The effect of DUIs on insurance premiums in Alamo Heights TX

Having a criminal record can have a very negative impact on your insurance. For example, if you are caught driving under the influence in Alamo Heights then your car insurance premium will increase much more than for other violations. Being convicted of an alcohol-related offense can increase your insurance costs from $1320 all the way up to $2455. That means that on average the cost for conviction in Alamo Heights TX can be an increase of $1135.

DUI City Average
$2455 $1320

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